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  1. He was born on May 20, 1947 at Nkanu West, Enugu State, Nigeria. There was something extra ordinary about the preceding night especially with the appearance of a glow of light flashing across the sky (a comet). The elders believed it is a sign heralding the birth of a great man or the death of a great man. This is akin to the event of Jesus’ nativity when the Magi were led to the new born child by a star. The next day (20th May 1947), Omeogo went into labour while processing palm nuts, and without prolonged labour, gave birth to a baby boy to the delight of all and sundry. They were still rejoicing when darkness suddenly descended on earth in the middle of the day – in total eclipse of the sun. There was utter perplexity and confusion all over. The people were relieved after the eclipse and all believed that even the sun bowed in reverence to the child with a golden heart. The child was a real comfort especially to the mother who has suffered the pain of losing her previous children to the cold hands of death.


  1.         He grew up under a charitable and peace-loving mother, Mama Omeogo.
  2.         Studied in America and majored in Philosophy with his Ph.D. in Metaphysics (1984).
  3.         Highlights of Igbo Metaphysics include: Mma-di, Caring/charity, empowerment and peace.
  4.         The after-effects of Nigerian Civil war and the goal of EPTAISM (Edeh’s Philosophy of thought and action)
  5.         Establishment of Centre for Peace, Justice and Reconciliation, in 1984.
  6.         Centre for abjectly poor (Umuogbenye).


  1. Catholic Prayer Ministry of the Holy Spirit and Medicare centres spreading all over the world.
  2.         Establishment of various self-help projects/skill acquisition centres
  3.       Founding of the National Pilgrimage Centre Elele
  4.       Establishment of schools from Nursery to Tertiary institutions.
  5.       Scholarship programmes for less-privileged and handicapped students
  6.       Employment and empowerment of the young people of this generation
  7.       Specificity of his Private Institutions due to their background in his philosophy of Mma-di cum thought and action all the way. The success stories of Madonna University and other institutions of higher learning, some spectacular and significant achievements of his schools in the National and International scenes.
  8.       Projection, popularization and perpetuation of Prof. Edeh’s peace-project through the four flourishing Religious Congregations who will continue the programmes that engender peace in the hearts of people.


  1.       Various awards and recognitions given to him as a result of his labour to recover peace in the hearts of people and in the world.


  1.       The crown of Fr. Edeh’s contribution to world peace is the establishment of the Madonna International Charity Peace Award (MICPA) in 2006.


  1. Edeh’s Charity Peace Model


  1. Edeh as Servant Leader (Flipped Pyramid Structure)


  1. Millennium Development Goals, Edeh as Pacesetter:

–           Eradication of Extreme Poverty and hunger

–           Women/Youth Empowerment

–           Health care delivery and capacity building.